Our School Development

Here at Wychbold First and Nursery we aim to educate the whole child, developing confident learners who have a keen sense of responsibility for their own learning success. To ensure everyone is happy, healthy, safe and successful, ensuring equality of opportunity. To encourage everyone to use their capapbilities to fulfil their potential and achieve economic well-being as adults.

We aim to prepare children for the complexities and challenges of life by developing
• lively and enquiring minds
• a love of learning
• knowledge, experience and understanding of the world in which we live
• skills and attitudes to become independent and co-operative learners
• self respect and a belief in their own abilities
• an understanding of right and wrong
• self discipline and respect for the rights and needs of others and for the environment

And to provide opportunities for children so that they can make a positive contribution to their school, local, national and international communities.

Our motto:

Feedback from our parents is an important aspect of our self-evaluation and helps us to improve the quality of education that we provide for our pupils.

We send out an annual questionnaire and encourage our families to give us honest feedback and comments, both positive and in areas where we need to improve. 


A summary of the Summer 2017 Questionairre is below where you can see actions that we will take to address your areas for improvement.  Overall, we were delighted with the feedback and will continue to provide the best education and experiences for your child this year.

Alternatively, Ofsted provide a Parent View page which also allows you to complete a questionnaire, please click here to visit the Parent View Site.